Fab Tec 6 x 16 Portable Wash Plant

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Fab Tec 6'x16' 3-Deck Portable Wash Plant with Twin 36"x25' Fine Material Washer

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PRO 6'X16' 3-Deck Incline Screen:
- 30 HP TEFC with pivot motor base and power and belt.
- 3/8" PL side walls, with 2"x3" angle iron reinforcement on edges.
- Hutch bolted screen decks, constructed of 4"x3"x3/8" angle iron and 3"x2" rectangular tubing, 1/2"x3" FB crown bars.
- AR lined feed box and discharge lips.
- Alco high temper isolation springs.
- 130 MM Torrington spherical bearings specially designed for shaker screens.
- Center support tube 9" with 1/2" wall and 2" thick flanges.
- Fab Tec designed cartilage style bearing housings, very heavy duty with 1 1/4" wall thickness.
- Eccentrics with add on weights.
- 10" WF sub frame 33# with 8" CL 13.75# cross members.
- Standard side tension formed clamp bars and 1/2" crown bar rubbers.

TRIO Twin 36"x25' Fine Material Washer:
- Two (2) 15 HP TEFC Toshiba Moter.
- Greasable lower bearing, rubber sealed with bearing spacer for trouble free use.
- Extra thick replaceable wear plates, tube & spiral.
- 200 TPH - maximum material size 3/8".

Three (3) AR Lined Discharge Chutes with Easy Access to Product Conveyor.
1/4" Thick Plate Fabricated Under Screen Hopper.

Twelve (12) Spray Bar Wash System:
- Brass "Vee Jet" nozzles, 1 1/2" schedule 40 spray bars.
- Brass individual gate valves for each spray bars.
- Full length water manifold with inlet pipe and flange.
- Maximum capacity 1100 GPM at 60 PSI.

24" Fold Down Walkways Both Sides of Screen & 48" Platform, at The Feed End of The Screen with Skywalk Floor and 3" Toe Boards, 42" Solid Handrails with Access Ladder.

Safety Guards Provided.

Tandem Axle Carrier 18" WF Beams 50#:
- Hutch 9700 series suspension.
- 22,000# Standard forge axles.
- 11:00x22.5 Tires, ten hole Budd Wheels.
- Standard 5th wheel plate, lights, & mud flaps.
- Sandblasted, rust inhibitor primer and two finish coats of paint.

- Travel Height: 14'6",
- Operating Height: 17'9"
- Operating Height with Optional Feed Box: 21'0".
- Width: 12'0".
- Axle Weight: 39,000Lbs.
- Pin Weight - 23,000Lbs.
- Total Weight- 62,000Lbs.

Price: POR
F.O.B.: Moscow, ID

6'x16' Fab Tec Incline Screen with Twin-Shaft 36"x25' Fine Material Washer.

Arizona Construction Equipment, Inc. Picture 1. 6'x16' Fab Tec Incline Screen with Twin-Shaft 36"x25' Fine Material Washer.