Fab Tec Pro Wash Master 6’x16′ Portable Wash Plant

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Fab Tec Pro Wash Master 6'x16' Portable Plant
- Twin 36"x25' Fine Material Washer.
- 10 CY Hopper, Belt Feeder, & Electrical Switch Gear.

Fab Tec Pro Wash Master 5x16 Portable Wash Plant. Third plant with hydraulic raising grizzly.

Not Actual Equipment.

10 Cubic Yard Feed Hopper:
1/4" Bolt-on AR Liners

- 8' x 14' 3/8" plate, self-relived hopper.
- Rock relief shelf above belt.

36"x12' Yaskawa Variable Speed Belt Feeder 15HP TEFC:
- 47 FPM belt speed, weighted feed gate.
- Belt drive is high torque with double reduction for proper speed.
- Vulcanized lagged head pulley and winged type self-cleaning tail pulley.
- Dodge SCM bearings.
- 3 ply 1/4"x1/16" belting.
- Close spacing on Cema C steel idlers with canoe liner flashing.

Battery-Less, line of sight, remote for belt feeder speed control.

Removable Rubber Curtains on both sides of belt feeder.

42"x39' Feed Conveyor to Pre-screen Slurry Box:
- Hydraulic raising and lowering of the conveyor to operating and travel position.
- Orange ½” x 6” flashing.

- 20 HP SEW right angle drive.
- Vulcanized lagged head pulley and winged type self-cleaning tail pulley with Dodge SCM bearings.
- 3 ply 3/16"x1/16" belting.
- 36" spacing on 35 degree idlers.
- Type E 2 15/16” head pulley bearings, Dodge SCM 2 7/16” tail pulley bearings.

Slurry Box with hydraulic raising and lowering to operating and travel position.

PRO 6'X16' 3-Deck Incline Screen with three (3) AR Lined Discharge Chutes:
- 1/3 - 2/3 Panel Style Blending on 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd Products.
- Hydraulic raising and lowering of the screen to operating and travel position.

- 30 HP TEFC with pivot motor base and power and belt.
- 3/8" plate side walls, with 2"x3" angle iron reinforcement on edges.
- Hutch bolted screen decks, constructed of 4"x3"x3/8" angle iron and 3"x2" rectangular tubing, 1/2"x3" FB crown bars.
- AR lined discharge lips.
- Alco high temper isolation springs.
- 100 MM Torrington spherical bearings, 4150 stress proof shaft, specially designed for shaker screens.
- Center support tube 9" with 1/2" wall and 2" thick flanges.
- Fab Tec designed steel machined cartridge style bearing housings, very heavy duty with 1 1/4" wall thickness.
- Eccentrics with add on weights.
- 10" WF sub frame 33# with 8" CL 13.75# cross members.
- Standard side tension formed clamp bars and 1/2" crown bar rubbers.

Twelve (12) Spray Bar Wash System:
- 4 bars top deck, 3 bars middle deck, 5 bars bottom deck
- 5 GPM at 40 PSI 50° spray angle.
- Brass "Vee Jet" nozzles, 1 1/2" Ø spray bars.

- Brass individual gate valves for each spray bars.
- Full length water mainfold with 4" inlet pipe and flange.
- Slurry feed box at the end of the feed conveyor with water jets.

Twin 36"x25' Fine Material Washer:
- Two (2) 15 HP TEFC Motors.

- Greasable lower bearing, rubber sealed with bearing spacer for trouble free use.
- Extra thick replaceable wear plates, tube & sprial.
- 7 5/8" outside diameter overflow outlet pipe.
- 100-200 TPH
- 3/8" maximum material size.
- Plumbing and fittings for "Rising Current" into Fine Material Washer.
- Discharge chute.

Square ‘D’ Switch Gear with NEMA 4 enclosure, start & stop buttons on door and fire up warning horn, one (1) 110V~ 2 plug receptacle with the following starters:
   - 30 HP starter for screen
   - 30 HP starter for water pump (auxiliary)

   - (2)15 HP starter for sand screw
   - 15 HP starter for belt feeder
   - 20 HP starter for feed conveyor
   - 25 HP starter for radial stacker
   - 5 HP starter for radial stacker raise/lower
   - 2 HP starter for radial stacker left/right.
   - (3) extra 15 hp starters for outside conveyors

Remote controlled time delayed shutdown. NOT FOR EMERGENCY STOP, LINE OF SIGHT ONLY

Emergency-stop buttons installed on four corners of the plant.

Triple Axle Carrier 21" WF 57# Beams:
- Hutch 9700 series equalizing suspension.

- Standard forge 22,500 axles, air brakes.
- 11:00R x 22.5 Tires, ten hole piloted hub wheels, and mud flaps.
- LED brake lights, LED marker lights, LED strobe light.
- Standard 5th wheel plate.

Fab Tec Plant Mounted Hydraulic Stabilizing System. NON RUN-ON
- 12V Hydraulic package with Safety-Lok circuit.
- 70,000 lb. capacity hydraulic legs with heavy duty foot pads.
- Six ground support stands with jacking legs.
- Six (6) 16" leg extensions for additional blocking when needed.

18" Walkways both Sides of Screen & Back 48" Platform.

Skywalk Floor and 3" Toe Boards, 42" Tube Steel Solid Handrails with Access Ladder.

Self Closing Safety Gates at Ladder Openings.

Safety Guards Provided. Local Regulations May Require Additional Guards.
Rust Inhibitor Primer and Two Finish Coats of Paint.

- Travel Height: 15'

- Operating Height: 18' 7-1/16"
- Width: 12'
- Length: 68' 11"
- Axle Weight: 41,040 Lbs.
- Pin Weight: 41,100 Lbs.
- Total Weight: 82,140 Lbs.

*All transactions on approved credit.

F.O.B. Phoenix, AZ

For availability please contact Arizona Construction Equipment, Inc.

Not Actual Equipment.